Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Secrets


I'm having so much fun with this current project and cannot wait until I can show images in their entirety. The original images are representational, but the "slices" I'm showing appear to be abstract. These two "slices" are from the same mixed media collage image.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Detail of ???  Mixed Media Collage (OK, well mostly paper)
I'm working on a collaborative project and due to contract restrictions I cannot share the images on my blog... but surely just a slice of an image wouldn't hurt. I'm so excited about this!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lewes Craft Fair

Lewes Craft Fair on the grounds of the Lewes Historical Society
Another sunny Saturday and another great art show. The grounds of the Lewes Historical Society (in Lewes, Delaware) is home to the Lewes Craft Fair twice a year... July and October. Yesterday was the October show and the weather couldn't have been more conducive to strolling the grounds and taking in the sights, sounds and smells that typify this show.

Three of my friends are regular exhibitors at this show and I always enjoy catching up with them whenever they're in town. 
Susan scored an excellent booth location just inside one of the gates

The fabulous and talented Susan Amadio
More of Susan's beautiful artwork: Amadio Artworks
The Bitter Creek Bluegrass Band performing at the Craft Fair. I'm a sucker for good bluegrass music and their sweet and soulful sounds can be heard all over the grounds.
This is Buster. People aren't the only art lovers at this show... or could it be the fragrant fumes from the bar-b-que pit that attracts the canines?

More canine fair goers.
Sue Eyet, artist and proprietor of Studio 432 in Perryville, MD, displays her wares under this colorful pagoda. Those are also her wind chimes in the foreground. Studio 432
Another view of Sue's booth
The booth of Maggie Creshkoff of Backlog Pottery
A close-up of Maggie's critters.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Card for Cindy!

Today brought an unexpected surprise. The storefront next door to the one where I work in the Rehoboth Mall is undergoing extensive renovation. It's being transformed from a 4-plex movie theater into a 24 hour gym. Today's renovation project involved using front loaders which expelled copious quantities of diesel fumes into the mall, making it impossible for humans to safely work/shop/exist within the area. So my boss called me up and told me to stay home. 

I didn't have to think twice about how I wanted to spend my day and I headed straight for the studio to work and play. Since my daughter-in-law's birthday is Sunday, I started my session by creating a birthday card for her. Usually I just print out an image of one of my collages and glue it to a Strathmore metallic deckled edge blank greeting card, but today I had time to make an original collage featuring Cindy's favorite colors.  What a great way to begin a studio session. And Cindy, if you're reading this; surprise!

From there I moved onto a larger ongoing project that I hope to share with you all at a later date. But for now, the birthday card is enough.

Have a good weekend everyone!