Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canal Totems

The Lewes-Rehoboth Canal has long held my fascination. It criss-crosses my life at various intersections and I’ve been obsessed with discovering the mysteries that lie along its banks; the areas that I cannot see from the various bridges that cross it. Finally, this past Sunday, I was able to convince my husband to take me for a “cruise” along the canal in our 16-foot unnamed aluminum fishing boat.

We navigated the canal going south through the town of Lewes and all the way through Rehoboth Beach to the Rehoboth Bay passing through a beautiful and wild salt marsh along the way. It took about an hour each way and I was delighted with what I saw. When I arrived back home I discovered that I had snapped no less than 217 photos from which many stories can be told. For this post I decided to focus on the totems that live along the canal and the beautifully landscaped banks and docks that were a part of the private residences that border the canal.

I love this old Sea Salt. Notice that he's been standing guard awhile. You can just barely make out that he used to be bright yellow.

And what about this little Sea Gnome?

And who wouldn't want to be welcomed home by this cute little lady in her sun bonnet waiting for her ship to come in?

Of course, I couldn't resist snapping the obligatory picture of canoes tied up at the dock. Notice the sea serpent painted on the canoe and the rooster weather vane among the flowers.

Last but not least, even though it contains no totems, I had to include this photo of the red chairs. It's hard not to notice the primary colors at play here!

So now you've had a taste of my Sunday afternoon "drive" along the canal. I'm hoping to go back again soon.

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Cindy said...

Wish I had been with you. Gorgeous scenery! Seeing the Sea Salt reminded me of the wooden sculpture that Mom bought on our Canada trip (is that right? does my memory serve me correctly for a change?)