Friday, January 8, 2010

Savannah's Broughton Street

Savannah, Georgia is one of my very favorite cities to visit. Because my parents live here I visit rather often. For a number of years I've made it a tradition to travel to Savannah in January to escape the winter weather of the north for a little while and to enjoy Savannah's more temperate winter temperatures. While many tourists to Savannah love to trek to River Street, I am more charmed with a street a few blocks further south known as Broughton Street. This used to be the main shopping district of Savannah many years ago before sliding into neglect as many of our nation's cities' Main Streets have experienced. Fortunately, over the past few years, new life has been given to Broughton Street and I love its unique shops and restaurants that have popped up in the restored historic buildings.

The doorway above is the entry to The Paris Market & Brocante. To those of you who aren't francophiles, brocante simply means flea market.

On the street level, this shop is chock full of jewelry, fragrances, candy, accessories and tchotchkes for the home and also features a coffee bar. In the basement level, which must be as old as Savannah itself, you can find the most interesting home furnishings.

Also on the north side of Broughton Street and just west across Whitaker Street you can find the Savannah Bee Company's honey store.

This is the only honey boutique I have ever experienced and I find it simply amazing!

Once inside the shop, the first thing you encounter is the honey tasting bar. The various flavors of honey are set out in a specific order so that ones palette can best experience the unique differences of each honey type.

At the end of the bar there's sure to be a special honey-made snack; usually featuring honeycomb, cheese and some type of fruit.

In addition to the wide variety of beautifully bottled honeys, the boutique offers wonderful honey-based hand creams, body butters, lip balms, etc. as well as hats and T-shirts. There's also a "hive" containing fun and educational materials to teach children about bees and honey making.

On the south side of Broughton and in the same block we find DC2 design. This is a wonderful shop which features unique home furnishings, jewelry and handbags of a very contemporary variety. They also feature a coffee bar and lounge area.

Lastly on our tour we see the American Craftsman gallery. American Craftsman has three galleries in New York City, one in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and this one in Savannah.

Unfortunately, the gallery was closed for winter cleaning while I was there, but the window displays were stunning.

Then, on the other hand, maybe it wasn't so unfortunate. When I saw the beautiful silk scarf in the window I started to drool. I think the colors are just stunning.

There are so many other great shops on Broughton Street and this post doesn't even cover the restaurants and bistros that one can find there. Hopefully some of you will discover them for yourself if you ever get to Savannah.


Anonymous said...

Now I want to visit Savannah. It is somewhere I have never been. Perhaps a TAGG meeting could be held there.

Ps. LOVED your Christmas post.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a wonderful trip - thanks for taking us along! I love that silk scarf too. I'm a scarf person.