Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Emily" - A Work In Progress


I have found that some artwork comes together on its own as if it were meant to be. Sometimes it's necessary to work a little harder. My last doll piece, "Jane" is an example of the first kind of art. My current project, "Emily" is the second kind.

When I first saw Emily in the antique store, I thought she was pretty scary and I wasn't sure she'd even make the final cut of dolls for the upcoming show. However, the more I pushed her colors and played with her photo, the more appealing she became to me. And this is the photo adaptation that I chose to use for the collage.

I printed her out on watercolor paper (cold press) and she sat around in my studio a few days. Tonight I decided I needed to get working on the final project. The more I looked at her against different papers the more I felt she yearned to be free. Her background was imprisoning her. So... I got the scissor and cut her free and found that I could breathe a little better and that's when her name came to me.

Then I started playing with the papers in earnest and I think I've come up with the basics.

But now I'm stumped for window dressing and I started to go through all my drawers of paraphernalia and just started throwing things at her to see what would stick. I have no idea where she's going next. Hopefully something will gel soon.


Susan Williamson said...

Wow ...it was really interesting to see the evolution of Emily. There's a story behind everything we create and sometimes the ones that we have to work on the most have the most interesting tales to tell.

Kristeena Crabb said...

Thanks, Susan. It is always such a pleasure to hear from you.