Monday, August 2, 2010

Headless Doll Challenge Continued

OK, so I'm making a little progress with the Headless Doll Challenge. I was rummaging through my drawers and bins and came up with the four ceramic faces pictured above. These faces came to me, some years ago, via a very round about way and third or fourth hand. In fact, I have a feeling that the person who gave them to me had no idea who created them... but I knew. I already owned one of these faces and knew their creator to be... Maggie Creshkoff. Yes, the same Maggie who donated the doll bodies in the first place. Suddenly I couldn't imagine anything more fitting than to incorporate Maggie's faces into the doll challenge and thankfully got her permission to do so.

So as it stands right now, I have four faces, three heads (seen in the picture below) and two bodies. Somehow something will develop from all this.

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