Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Tempted" - Digital Collage
"Star Gathering" - 11x14 - Mixed Media Collage
In 2007 I was a part of a two-woman exhibit in Elkton, Maryland with friend, Sue Eyet, who is a member of the Trashy Women. We called the exhibit "Femme Fatale" and, as the name suggests, the artwork featured women. As a matter of fact, my iconic mermaid was created for this show. We thought the exhibit was stunning; Sue's brightly colored 3-D pieces and my 2-D collages complemented each other perfectly. I'd love to do it again.

Anyway, I ran across the original sketch for a piece named "Tempted." I thought it would be fun to re-create the piece digitally and it was; but it was certainly a challenge as well. I layered three different bomomo images on this sketch to get the effect I wanted and painstakingly "cut away" the areas that weren't needed. It was great fun, but certainly labor intensive.
Original sketch for "Tempted"
And last, but not least, I have included the image of the original paper collage that was the image displayed in the exhibit.

"Tempted" - 9x12 - Mixed Media Collage - SOLD


Cindy Michaud said...

The digital "tempted" is interesting but I find the colors of the original collage much more intriguing. Congrats on the show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, Cindy. I love that kind of feedback!