Tuesday, October 29, 2013


An ivory tower sounds good about now. Sometimes I think Rapunzel had it pretty good. There are days when I'd love to be locked up in my ivory tower with no one to disturb me and no responsibilities outside my little room. And if the handsome prince came around and cried to me to let down my hair, I wouldn't. Fortunately my hair isn't at all that long.

Occasionally, my son and his girlfriend take long weekends and/or vacations that are nothing less than retreats. They meditate, practice yoga and eat healthy, whole foods. I would love that. Sometimes I think a week in a convent where no talking is allowed would be great, too. My sister-in-law did that once.

Of course, it would be cheaper if I just conducted a retreat like this at home, on my own; but I'm not sure how to enforce it. I would start by turning off my phone. And I would not leave my room except to go for my morning walk and my meals; all of which would be highly nutritious; absolutely no junk. And I'd be in bed early every night and get up early every morning. The time spent in my room would be in reading, writing and creating art. I frequently need my computer to create my artwork, but I could turn off my internet connection. The more I think about it, the better this is sounding to me. I just need a long weekend; a week would be even better.

Bottom line is this: I'm tired, I'm weary, I need some time off. I'm just not sure how to orchestrate it.

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