Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tangy Zoodle #107 (or the Big Project)

Tangy Zoodle #107 - on canvas - 30"x40"

Yes! It's finished! The project upon which I've been working for my mother for a number of months now is finally completed and I feel pretty happy about it. I've enjoyed working on it and I've learned a lot from doing this and I hope to create more large pieces like this. Well, maybe not quite this large. This canvas measures 30" x 40".

Before I proceed with more large Tangy Zoodles, though, I need to finish the Secret Project, which I've been working on for years. I just can't allow myself to get sidetracked anymore.


Mellowood Gallery said...

This is charming. I am sure your mother will be thrilled. I enjoy seeing your daily posts but this is much better!

Kristeena Crabb said...

Thank you very much! I'd like to do more of this in the near future.