Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Magical Moment

"Hour Of Solitude" - Poem by Bobbi Rullan; Photo by Kristeena Crabb
It's no secret that I love the way magic happens when artists inspire each other. One example was a little over two years ago when artist/writer, Katrina Small, saw a photograph which I'd posted on Facebook and was inspired to write a poem about it. Here's the blog post which describes that inspired event, "And Then There Was Magic."

Well, just this weekend, Bobbi Rullan, the fearless leader of the Photoholics Not-So-Anonymous group to which I belong, rediscovered a poem which she had written in the 60's. It made her think of a photo of mine and so she superimposed the poem on the photo and once again, magic happened. I cannot imagine a poem more fitting for what I was feeling when I took the photo. The two go together so well.

I love belonging to this great big universal community of artists where creativity and compassion abound. And I just love, love magical moments! :D

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