Friday, June 6, 2014

Pajama Day

It's truly hard for me to slow down; and it's especially difficult for me to stop. I don't know when I became that way because as a young adult, I always felt as though I was a bit lazy. Somehow that all changed and I very rarely make the time to read a good book or just sit on the deck and contemplate nature. This is not good. One way I've thought of to help slow myself down a bit is to declare one day a week as Pajama Day. The theory is that I stay in my pajamas all day, thus taking it easy and theoretically never leaving the house. 
"Pajama Day" - Enhanced Digital Photo

In reality, I haven't totally succeeded in this. I usually succumb to more civilized urges and get dressed in the early afternoon. But... I'm making progress. Hopefully this week I can make it go a whole day!

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genierae kirkland said...

It's nice to know someone eles stays in their pajamas. But I can't lie , with me it's probably twice a week . I've also felt lazy in the way that I would much rather stay in my back room painting and listening to great music than socializing , like I was taught, around the community . Oh well , I'm happy , no-ones hurt so let it be!