Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another in Mixed Media Collage

I love this medium; one thing leads to another and because of that you can never run out of ideas. While creating the journal pages "Art for the Soul" (see post dated Oct. 14) I filled up a piece of palette paper with many colors of paint, mostly while cleaning out my brushes. Then, when I tried out my rubber stamps, loaded with paint, I tested them on the same palette paper. As a result, I had this piece of paper filled with great color and design and it just begged to be used. In fact, I cut out a couple of circles which I used in that same journal piece. Then I cut out a few more circles and created artwork around them. These circles of colors enticed me to use papers in shades of violet; colors that I haven't used in awhile; and that's what these pieces are here. "Lavender Melody" and "Purple Tunes."

I use circles a lot in my collages. I'm drawn to them. My son says I need to explore this obsession with circles. He feels they represent little windows to my soul or something. He may be right, but I don't think I have to know what they represent in order to have fun with them.

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