Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easter Eggs

Last summer, through a rather circuitous and fortuitous set of circumstances, I became the recipient of blown poultry eggs. (I don't think I've ever used circuitous and fortuitous in the same sentence before and I rather like it!) Three goose eggs and one chicken. I set about decorating them using collage techniques to get them ready for a show I was doing with friends called "Birds Of A Feather." All my life, even before I recognized that I had any artistic talent, I have loved decorating Easter eggs. My favorite thing was to use crayons to create a wax resist and then dip them in dyes. Never before had I tried collage and I was surprised to discover how much fun it was. Not only were the results pleasing, but by the time you have layered on paper and acrylic medium, you have a pretty sturdy eggshell.

Now, in time for Easter, I have received a dozen more eggshells; three goose and nine chicken. I have already begun the decorating process by adhering papers to the shells.

I have found that the best paper to use for this is tissue paper. All the eggs above are covered in various tissue papers; some solid and some patterned. Next, some of the eggs will be decorated with additional paper cut outs and they all will be splattered with gold paint. Then, after a couple layers of varnish they will get final touches with glitter glue and perhaps some will get little jewel embellishments.

One of the galleries where I exhibit, Studio 432, is more of a fine craft gallery than a fine art gallery. It's a beautifully converted church building and everything in it is wildly wonderful. This will be a perfect place to exhibit the finished eggs.

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