Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tropical Vacation

Palm Grove - Mixed Media Collage - 6 x 15

It's a new month so time for a new look for the blog. I always think of February as "tropical vacation month." Unfortunately, I won't be taking any tropical vacations this February, but I thought I'd dress up my blog in tropical regalia just the same and I decided to use this piece as the banner for this month.

I created this piece three years ago, and unfortunately it got away from me too soon. I mean, yes, I always love it when a piece sells right away, but I kind of missed this one when it left the studio. I would have like to have held onto it for a little longer. Fortunately, I still have the digital image.

Happy February everyone!

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topofworld said...

I don't believe I ever saw this one. It's very lovely and peaceful!