Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easter Eggs, Part 2

I finished the Easter eggs which I talked about in my blog post last Sunday and they are ready for delivery today. Below are photos of the individual eggs.

I've had way too much fun with these things. Not only did I take the time to decorate them all, but then I had to shop for a basket, excelsior and ribbon for display purposes and then make a price tag.

At this price you can see what I mean about having way too much fun. Especially since I'll only see 50% of the sale price. This is what is known in merchandising terms as a "loss leader." Sometimes you just have to do something like this to draw attention to the art that is intended to make the artist money.

At any rate, I hope they bring as much joy to someone else as they brought me in the making.


Kaylyn said...

These are delightful. Clearly you had some fun!

The egg line-up photos are making me think there's a Thiebaud-ish painting waiting to happen?

Arja said...

They are egg-stra pretty! There needs to be fun projects in between the ones that make you sweat blood...

Kristeena Crabb said...

Thanks, Kaylyn, and that's a great idea about the Thiebaud-ish painting. I hadn't thought about that.

And thank you, too, Arja. (Loved your pun!) We missed you last night!