Saturday, March 6, 2010

Studio 432

When I delivered my collaged Easter eggs on Thursday, I took them to Studio 432, which is located at 432 Aiken Avenue in historic Perryville, Maryland. This beautiful little fine arts and crafts gallery is located in a converted church building and is the dream child of artist, Sue Eyet. It was also featured a few years back on the House and Garden channel.

The next photo is taken from the main gallery floor looking up into the loft. Sue, and her husband, Jerry, planned the renovation and did much of the work themselves.

The bold interior colors are very engaging and supply the perfect backdrop for the colorful artworks of the various artisans, most of whom are local and regional artists.

The following photo is of the stairs leading to the loft. Right now this area features lovely handmade scarves and handbags among other tempting items.

And the following photo is a view from the loft. I happened to snap this one at Christmas time, hence the Christmas decorations you see. Sue always hosts a very popular Christmas open house the first weekend of December. The place is chock full of great gifts and she serves marvelous refreshments at this event.

The door on the right hand side of the photo above leads to the front room of Studio 432. This room is used for classes and workshops and currently features the amazing works of artist Susan Webster. Please take a moment to visit Susan's website at this link: Susan Webster Art. Believe me you won't be sorry.

Below you can see my little corner of the gallery. I love this blue wall and how it enhances the colors in my collages.

The following two photos depict more of my collages, which are sitting on display shelves in the middle of the gallery.

And of course every great shop positions tempting impulse buys at the check out counter.

Last, but not least, a photo of the lovely proprietress, herself, Sue Eyet. She is an amazing artist and visionary and just a beautiful soul.

To see more about Studio 432, be sure to visit the website at this link: Studio 432


Sally Dean said...

I like the round things on the shelf that you did!

traci said...

what a fun little place that is. i bet when you walk through the door it would be hard to ever leave.