Monday, June 13, 2011

Lavender Fields

This bee was way too busy to stop and "pose" for my mediocre camera. The number of bees & butterflies in the lavender was countless!
A couple of years ago I discovered that five acres of rural southern France had been transplanted in lower, slower Delaware. This is the first year that I've managed to visit that piece of France during mid-June. The weather this past Sunday was perfect for a ride into the country to see the color purple... and it was visible everywhere on the farm known as Lavender Fields. And it's not just the color, either, that's so heady. The heavenly perfumed air that accompanied the violet haze was a treat in itself. So with only a few more words, I'm presenting the sites of Lavender Fields.

Cottage Store

This cottage houses the Delaware Shore Artists whose work is hugely inspired by the lavender.

Yes... she was still breathing.
And the purple haze continued throughout the cottage store!

These lavender sachets really reminded me of Provence. They even sport a ceramic cicada (la cigale). The cicada is the logo and good luck charm of Provence.


Cindy Michaud said...

the paintings will be equally heady and intoxicating!!

Kristeena Crabb said...

Haha! We shall see. I haven't consciously thought about doing anymore lavender collages (did one inspired by this farm a couple of years ago) but I must admit that the first piece I created after my most recent visit is filled with different shades of violet; totally unconsciously.