Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grace In My Studio

Today I had an occasion to play hooky from my "real job" and in the process, I hijacked my employer's 9-year-old daughter, Grace, and brought her home to my studio for a couple of hours. Since our first meeting a year ago, Grace and I recognized each other as sister artists and I'm always amazed at what she creates around the office with just simple office supplies. And her design ideas are truly amazing.

So today, I seated her in my chair in the studio, showed her all my supplies and let her have at it. The image above is her creation. Her collage is just as unreserved and uninhibited as she.

When she was finished and it was time for her to leave, she absolutely insisted upon cleaning up after herself and relished returning the art supplies to their respective "homes" in my various drawers and containers. What a delightful guest artist whom I'd welcome back to my studio any time.


Sally Dean said...

I've been working with kids for the past 5 weeks and i love the inspiration I get from them! I am sure she loved being in your beautiful studio.


Love it!
Playmates are fun and sounds like you got a good one Kristeena. Maybe have an tiny exhibit at work with her art?

Anonymous said...

You're right, Sally. Kids are so inspirational. They always surprise me in good ways.

Wonderful idea, Susan, about the tiny exhibit of her art. Actually, everything she's ever made for me is hanging on the wall next to my desk!