Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Lynn's Stinkbug"

"Lynn's Stinkbug" 4x4 Mixed Media Collage
For whatever reason, this has been an epidemic year for stink bugs. While I've noticed a few more than usual around my place, apparently my old stomping grounds in northeastern Maryland have been overrun with them. I've seen more than one friend complain of them on Facebook. One friend in particular, my good friend, Lynn, seemed to be particularly plagued and wearied by them.

Then one day, Lynn posted that she and her granddaughter carefully "saved" a stinkbug by gently removing him from her house so it could live free. She said they couldn't resist its "teddy bear eyes."

I was shocked! Could this possibly be the same woman who only a month before had been cursing these invasive insects? Poor Lynn, the bugs had driven her over the edge and made her delirious. So, I felt a get well gift was in order and I created the stink bug collage just for her.

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