Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broken Black-Eyed Susan

"Broken Black-Eyed Susan" 6x6 Mixed Media Collage $90 + $10 Shipping

available on Etsy

I am thrilled beyond reason to have discovered that you can apply acrylic varnish over oil pastels. It makes no scientific sense to me why this should be so, but it works! I LOVE painting with oil pastels and to know that I can incorporate them in my collages without having to protect them under glass is like discovering the New World for me!

In addition to the oil pastels in the flower and the usual art papers, you'll also notice some iridescent fibers scattered over the image. Remember "The Mustachioed Button"? These are the trimmings left over when I trimmed the button's mustache. They are the iridescent fibers I found in the bait and tackle shop. (Evidently fish are just as entranced by the whole "Ooo shiny" thing as I am.)

So now you understand why I'm excited about this piece. Plus... Black-eyed Susan is also the state flower of Maryland. Even though I live in Delaware, I guess in a way, I'll always think of Maryland as home.

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