Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Earth's Crust As It Appeared On Thursday

"The Earth's Crust As It Appeared On Thursday" - 11x14 - Mixed Media Collage

Every once in awhile you begin a composition that just defies you. It refuses to cooperate and end up looking lovely. I set out to create a collage depicting terracotta pots filled with nasturtiums. It's a favorite subject of mine and one I haven't done in a long while. At the end of the day it was such a mess that in order to prevent myself from fooling with it any longer I covered it with a layer of paint. The next morning, I realized that a layer of paint wasn't enough and I proceeded to smear modeling paste and coarse pumice gel all over it, too. And then I started sticking things in it. It's way over the top for me, but somehow immensely, personally satisfying. And yes, I did it on a Thursday!

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