Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Responsibility of Educating the Public

This past Saturday was my first experience at doing an outdoor art fair. I thought it was a lot of fun despite the 104 degree temperature and I look forward to more shows in more temperate weather. I always learn a lot when I'm dealing directly with the public and one of the things I learned this past Saturday is that there are not many people who really know, appreciate or understand mixed media collage. So, at the urging of my husband who is also my "roadie" and business manager, I composed the following hand out to help educate the public so they know exactly what it is they're looking at when they view my artwork.

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Cindy said...

Hey ~ Posted a comment yesterday; don't know what happened to it. Guess I didn't do it right!

Anyway, I think this is fantastic! Glad Bob talked you into it, and you did a great job. A great way to help the general public see your beautiful artwork with greater dimension.

~ Sis