Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Masking Tape Series #1

Once again, a series of canvases that all began nearly the same, but had completely different endings!
It began with the new magenta paint I love so much. And when it dried, I added some strips of masking tape.

Next I painted over everything, tape and all, in cerulean blue. And added some more masking tape.

Then I painted over all that in Titan Buff.

Then the masking tape came off and I had a very linear look.

So I squiggled on a few more colors that I like.

I took a home made stamp and smashed up the squiggles a little bit.

Looking through my lace papers, I decided I wanted to use Ogura lace.

Ogura lace is wrapped around the canvas.

And with a couple more steps it becomes "Goldfinch" - 8x10 - Mixed Media Collage. Can be purchased on Etsy.

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