Thursday, August 16, 2012


"Simplicity" - 8x10 - Mixed Media Collage
One of my fondest memories as a child is spending hours with my mother in JC Penney in the fabric department. Because I was short waisted, long-legged and super abnormally tall for my age, my mother had no choice but to make my clothes for me. She has always had a fine eye for design and color and I have to admit I was delighted in the clothes she made. I can still remember some of the first dresses she made me at the age of 5 and how I felt absolutely beautiful in them. One in particular was a black, sleeveless, summer dress with tiny bouquets of forget-me-nots strewn all over the fabric and shiny, faceted black buttons. I thought that dress was magical!

As I grew older and formed some of my own opinions, I had the best time choosing my own patterns and fabrics and with Mom's help, selecting the notions and/or accessories, such as zippers, belts, lace and buttons. Oh, but especially the buttons!

I gave it my best shot, but sewing has just never come easily for me; therefore, my mother continued to make my clothes for me clear through high school, even though by that time I could generally wear off-the-rack fashions. The dresses she made for me were always prettier than anything you could buy.

Given the opportunity, I just had to purchase used clothing patterns when I discovered, with the help of a friend, a supply of them at Goodwill when I was visiting my hometown recently. Oh the memories! So don't be surprised if this is not the only pattern piece I make.


kdos said...

What a great story. That is so cool how long she made dresses for you. My mom could sew too. I am seriously bad at it.

Anonymous said...

I can really relate to that. I thought that if I just kept at it, it would get easier with time. That never happened.

Cindy said...

I love those memories of JC Penney, too! (Although when I was very young, I remember getting very bored during that long period of mom studying patterns!) ~ Sis

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember that, too! ;)