Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crab Art

"Crab In Red" - 6"x 6" - mixed media collage
One thing I've noticed by doing the art festivals this summer is that when people see my banner, "crabulous fine art" they expect to see crabs. They're not sure if it's paintings of crabs or paintings made with crabs, but they want to see crabs. One gentleman came in, took a quick look around and demanded, "Where are the crabs?!?" I then pointed to my husband and myself and when he saw our name tags he "got" it.

But, I always have at least one piece of crab art available. And since I sold my last piece at the last show, I'm busily making more for the one coming up next weekend. I'm planning on three pieces that will work singly, but also look great all together (and there will be a special price for buying all three).

The crab above is the first of the three. It is not available on Etsy. They will not be available for purchase until the show on Saturday. 

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