Monday, March 18, 2013

♫ The People That You Meet Each Day♫

I love, love this photo. The gentleman featured here makes roses out of palm fronds. There are several people who do that along River Street and there's something about them that makes you suspect they may reside in a shelter. Anyway, I asked this gentleman permission to take his photo. At first he posed, all smiles. His teeth are whiter than white and he has an endearing gap between his two front teeth. But, before I could capture that smile, he thought better of posing and went back to his work as a rose maker. I love this candid shot. It's really so much better than the posed one would have been!
So, okay then. I joined another sub-group in the neighborhood women's club; the Photoholics! How could I not?!? Photography was the first step in my career as an artist and I love journeying back to my roots on a regular basis. 

My first outing with the Photoholics was to visit River Street and photograph people. Yikes! People?!? That's really outside my comfort zone. However, I endeavored to persevere and I believe I was rewarded for my efforts. 

We found ourselves on River Street (in Savannah, Georgia) on a gray, drizzly day. Now, that's GREAT for photographs, IMHO. Colors pop against a gray background. However, there were few tourists out on that gray day. That's when I discovered that the most interesting and most colorful people are not the tourists. Oh, no. It's the locals that are so much fun to watch and photograph.  All in all, I'm pleased with the results of that outing.

"The Husband Parking Bench" - yeah, you know. Every retail area has one.

I met these gals in the open air market. They run a booth there which sells jewelry and clothing. They are wonderfully upbeat, charming and very sociable. Can you tell they are mother and daughter?
Not exactly a person (but don't tell HIM that). This is the shop kitty at the Christmas Shop.
Love this guy! He was headed down the sidewalk and I was headed right for him. I picked up my camera, aimed... and he smiled! Of course I think of him as "True Grit"!
Probably my favorite photo of the day. Not only did I capture the clerk in the eye popping sweet shop, but I also managed to capture a self-portrait; a fact of which I was blissfully unaware until I saw it on my computer much later! ;)

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