Monday, March 11, 2013

Georgia and Bomomo

"Bomomo In Pink" by Georgia May Copland

My niece, Georgia, has recently discovered the fun of Bomomo. (Gee, I wonder how she learned about that! ;) ) And this is her first attempt!

As much fun as I have with bomomo as an adult, I love seeing what kids can do with it. The site has no instructions, so while adults struggle with what to do and what is "correct," kids just go wild with it and their free spirits are set free.

Make sure you give it a try, or at least show it to your kids or grandkids. Bomomo!


Cindy said...

Georgia and I are excited that you displayed her Bomomo art!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that Georgia asked you to send me an image of her Bomomo art! I love seeing what she's working on. <3