Monday, April 1, 2013

An Adventure In Bonaventure Cemetery

Oddly, I've had several adventures in this, Savannah's most infamous and most beautiful cemetery. I've painted there, geocached there, taken an after dark in the middle of a thunderstorm ghost tour there and most recently a springtime photo safari. Here is a sample of the photos I took.


Mellowood Gallery said...

Lovely photos! I suppose at night the cemetery looks spooky but these daytime photos just make it look like a wonderful place to rest in peace. thanks for sharing - they remind me of long ago days when my family used to take flowers to the graves of our departed.

Cindy said...

The first one of the angel is captivating. The iridescent glow by her hair makes it look like she's wearing a jeweled earring. Love it!

Kristeena Crabb said...

Thanks for your comment, Mellowood Gallery! Apparently cemeteries used to fill the purpose of parks for family picnics and outings back in the day and Bonaventure was no exception.

Cindy, I was captivated by the angel. You know how big that cemetery is and I was drawn to the back of her while driving by and had to stop the car to investigate. She just happened to be backlit at the moment which is what produced that amazing glow.