Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm attempting to do more art journaling these days and I've decided to use some of my favorite quotes and "me-isms" as the subject of these journal pages. This particular "me-ism" is one of my favorites and came as pure enlightenment when I finally figured this one out and applied it to my life.

The journal page began with the quote written on a lightweight piece of kraft paper which was glued onto the page with other scraps of the same kraft paper. Circles were inscribed with a compass and then I tangy-zoodled them up. A watercolor wash was applied by using watercolor pencils and then applying water with a brush. Last, and certainly not least, is a butterfly that I cut freehand from a clothing catalog and then accented liberally with glitter glue.


Cindy said...

I like it. Am I missing your "KC" on this?

Anonymous said...

The "kc" is just below the word "being." It was a little messy this time; but I'm glad you like the rest of it.
Beautiful profile picture, by the way! ;)