Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Low Country Throw Pillows

After much wondering, I finally got to see one of my throw pillows in the flesh. Actually, two of them! My friend and neighbor, Lori, ordered two with my Low Country design on them.

Here's my honest opinion. I was delighted to feel the soft fabric; very nice to the touch. And, yes, they really are furnished with a zipper for easy removal. The design is printed on both front and back, which surprised me. I was expecting to find a solid colored back, but the two sided design is really not a bad thing. In a perfect world, I would be allowed to design the back as well as the front in case I wanted a complementing backside (not to be confused with a complimenting one!).

It's also easy to expect these pillows to be larger than they actually are. A typical throw pillow is 20 inches square, but this one is just 14.25 inches. I would classify it as an "accent" pillow. It looks great in a cluster of larger pillows, but can get lost by itself. However, Lori has these perched in chairs in her entry and the proportion is perfect.

So, there you have it! The woven throw pillows from Cafe Press, and specifically shop crabulous! are definitely worth purchasing.

Throw pillows and other great items can be found in "Crabulous Fun For Your Home"

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