Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mini TAGG Reunion

Lynn, me, Art - at J. Christopher's in Savannah

I've moved many times. I love the new adventures that a move brings, but there's always something that I miss that I've left behind. When I moved away from Maryland, the thing I missed most were the other members of The Artsy Girls Guild, or TAGG. Most of us have been together in that group for nine years! When I moved 100 miles away to Delaware, it wasn't too difficult to make it back to Maryland for monthly meetings. Having moved to Georgia, though, it's much more difficult. Whenever I go back north, I generally meet up with as many as can make it to dinner somewhere. My dear friend, Lynn, however, seems always to be in the south when I'm up north. Today we got lucky! Both Lynn and her husband, Art, were working their way north after an extensive stay in Florida and we got together for an early lunch at one of my favorite Savannah eateries, J. Christopher's. And like true friends, we immediately fell into conversation like we had just seen each other last week instead of more than a year ago. It was great! Truly good friends are hard to find and so we must hold onto them like the treasures they are. :D

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