Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photography and Mixed Media Collage

Midsummer Night Sky - 4x10

I've not been able to get anything done in my studio this week, nor have I gone on any great photo outings that I could share so I was searching for something to write about. Then I remembered a recent conversation I had with a friend regarding my obsession with altering photos on Photoshop. It's an activity in which I can become absorbed for hours on end and from time to time I'll use the results in my artwork. This piece, which I created this past summer, is a case in point.

It actually started as a photograph of a small fountain on my Mother's back deck of her home. The following is a visual step by step process of the alterations that the photo went through before I turned it 90 degrees, added some collage elements and then cropped it. Then come back and look at the finished piece and you can make out some frog faces.

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Susan Williamson said...

Wow Kristeena!!! I really enjoyed the record of your process. It's a beautiful piece.