Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wild About Color

It's been a productive week in the studio and I couldn't wait to share these two little mixed media collage pieces. Note that in both of these collages I have used pieces of the scrap collage that I made and posted on October 18. And I didn't just use circles, I also used semi-circles!

The first piece is called "Puzzled Pieces" and the second one is titled "Keeping It All
Together". I like how the "puzzle pieces" in this second collage look a little like band-aids trying to keep the world glued together; but even as they try to keep it all together, the world is still askew. I guess we're all feeling a little that way these days.

1 comment:

Lisa Daria said...

Black and white pattern in the top one is really interesting, gives it a pen and ink feel - and I like that you are working with puzzle pieces - I'm thinking of how dimensional puzzle pieces are and how that would make such a unique surface texture.

Also am enjoying your new name TAGG! What a happy accident, it's perfect.