Monday, May 23, 2011

My First Ever Collage Workshop

This past Saturday morning, I gave my first ever collage workshop. People/organizations have been asking me for years to conduct workshops and I've declined doing so, simply because I wasn't sure how to approach it. Not only have I never conducted a collage workshop, but I've never attended one, either.

After gathering ideas from friends and colleagues over the years, I finally came up with a game plan and found three guinea pigs who were willing to help me test it out. Debby Nixon, a lifelong friend, Alice Cinnante, a brand new friend and my mother, Chloe Morgan comprised my test class. Debby provided a sumptuous breakfast of quiche and pound cake. Alice, who is an art teacher, provided her classroom and great feedback. And my mother provided great companionship on the ride to and from her house in Savannah to Alice's classroom outside of Charleston, SC. (Mt Pleasant, to be exact!)

We had a great time! Everyone came away with a beautiful piece of original artwork in a medium they'd never tried before. And the best test of the success of the workshop? My mother, of course. She was a reluctant student at the start but probably the one most tickled by her end results.
From left to right: Alice, Debby, Chloe
I see more workshops in my future... and maybe in my mother's, too!


Cindy Michaud said...

glad you picked up the challenge; and how thoughtful to "test run" it first....good for you, it looks like fun.


Guinea pigs and a trio of pears -fun! You definitely have your game on Kristeena.

Kristeena Crabb said...

Cindy and Susan, thanks for the encouragement.