Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Shiny Objects

"I Heart Buttons" - 4x4 - Mixed Media Collage on Canvas

"Silver Heart" - 4x4 - Mixed Media Collage on Canvas
A recent post by artist, Cindy Michaud, Chasing Shiny Objects made me envious of the fun she and her friends were having. I, too, love to collect shiny objects. I have vintage buttons, mercury glass hearts, dichroic glass baubles, beads, and even scraps from the floor of my husband's workshop that have caught my eye. After reading Cindy's post, I felt long overdue for a play date with my shiny objects and so I created these two little pieces using modeling paste, acrylic paints and whatever shiny objects caught my fancy at the moment.

These chunky little pieces are 4"x4" and can sit on a shelf as well as hang on a wall. Fun! Thanks, Cindy Michaud for the inspiration!

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