Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Legacy Of Color And Design

When my youngest son was in art school, he told me about an interesting discussion that was held in one of his classes about a person's personal aesthetic. The question arose, is it learned or inherited? I don't know if anyone determined the answer to that question. I have one artist friend in particular who laments her own lack of color sense. She frequently asks me about color and how I learned what I know. I find that I'm stupefied to answer. Yes, I know all the theory behind color, but learning it only served to validate what I already felt I instinctively knew. But then, you could not possibly grow up in my mother's house without learning about color just because we were surrounded by it. 

I consider my mother to be a self-taught interior designer. Although she's been given the opportunity to express her talents on a professional level, she has always chosen not to do so. But, I have been the happy, lifelong beneficiary of her particular abilities to combine color and create design in every room of all the homes she's ever lived in (and that's been quite a few). So, I'm sharing some "vignettes" of Chloe's world.


Cindy said...

So cool! What a great tribute to Mom for Mother's Day.

Cindy said...

In spite of the great influence I grew up with, I neither learned nor inherited this color thing!

Anonymous said...

Of course you did, Cindy! You just take it for granted and aren't even aware of it.