Friday, April 25, 2014

Why I Love Children At Weddings

It seems to me that one of the biggest debates among brides and mothers of the bride is whether or not to invite children to a wedding; and the debate covers all the obvious reasons. If anyone were to ask my opinion (very few do) I always vote FOR having children at a wedding. For one thing, I view a wedding as a family event and there's nothing that says family more or is a better representation of what a marriage is all about than to have as many generations present as possible.

But more importantly, children create comic relief.

Of all the weddings I've attended, my greatest memories are of the children who were present and their wonderful antics, some consciously enacted, others not .One of my best memories is of the flower girl who wore the tennies that light up when you walk under her floor length dress. During the reception, out on the dance floor, her little feet created sparks of light under the hem of her dress. On the occasion of weddings, children are dressed in their best clothes, often an imitation of what the grown-ups are wearing and you see them trying on their best manners; but of course, after a certain point in time it becomes a little more than they can bear.  

Most recently, at my niece Olivia's wedding, her eight year old cousin, who was also the ring bearer was the source of amusement (to me) at her reception. The bride obviously did not appreciate it at the moment, but hopefully she'll remember it as funny in years to come.

Every bride has a vision in her head of how her wedding day should look. Here are Olivia and John leaving the reception hall dressed for their Hawaiian honeymoon while well wishers blow bubbles in their path. Note the well dressed little boy on the right. We'll call him Jack (because that's his name).

Olivia and John are obviously feeling happy about their nuptials and the gathering of their loved ones.

Suddenly, Jack appears in front of them. Notice the position of his left hand. Just as Olivia turned to look at him, he blew a wand full of bubbles right into her face.

The happy bride, looking not quite so happy now as she points a chastising finger at her little cousin.

And HORRORS! as she realizes she now has a mouth full of soap!

Olivia needs a moment to get that bitter taste out of her mouth. Everyone else is carrying on as though nothing has happened.

Seeing my camera pointed in her direction, Olivia fights valiantly to regain her composure.

With one last word of admonishment aimed at Jack (whom she truly adores) the bride and groom make their way to the waiting limo.
No harm, no foul. The day was not ruined. But this is why I think children should always be invited to weddings; to provide entertainment for crazy old aunts like me! :D

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