Friday, September 16, 2011


"Autumn" - 12x12 - Mixed Media Collage
 This collage is named for my grandniece, Autumn, who is also an artist.

Below you will see the steps that I took to make this piece. I hope you enjoy!
This is the original layer beneath everything.

Next I added a layer of natural ogura lace on top of that.
I wanted to see more blocks of color and added triangles of different colored ogura lace papers.
Then I muted the triangles of color with a layer of transparent natural unryu  paper with mulberry leaves.
I made two different scrap collages from which to make the leaves. This is the first one.
And this is the second scrap collage.
And here's the collage with the leaves before the final detailing with fabric paint and gold splattering is done.


Sally Dean said...

the leaves are really great- thanks for sharing your technique!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sally!
I find that so many people don't understand what it is that I do, so it's helpful for me to show them the process.