Thursday, September 8, 2011

Words Upon Words

Sketchbook Page for 09.07.11
I know you've figured out by now that I love using paper with words printed or written on it, no matter what language. The background to today's sketchbook page is a page from the 1912 Lancaster County, PA, Farmers Almanac. The article is all about studies and trials to kill wild onion. Apparently, if your cows eat wild onion, your milk will also taste like wild onion. Think about it; that's not a really desirable flavor for milk. I briefly scanned the article and learned they started their studies in England in 1899 and by 1912 they still did not have a handle on this difficult weed. As far as I'm concerned, they never did figure that one out.

Anyhoo... I used a multi-colored stamp pad and a dragonfly rubber stamp to sporadically color the background paper. The tulip and butterflies are cut from an index page from an old atlas upon which I melted metallic crayons in an electric skillet (because I'm just that bored! (jk)).

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