Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"In Memoriam" - 12x12 - Mixed Media Collage

This is such an unusual piece for me, but I felt I had to do it. I'm such a lover of the English language that I had to make a statement about what is currently happening to it.

I began with pages from an old dictionary and an old English grammar book. I love this article, " Do You Avoid Affected Speech?" (I admit that I'm guilty of saying Eye-ther instead of ee-ther)
All the contributed words. Thanks everyone!

Modeling paste begins to cover the beautiful words.

More color is added.
At first, I thought I'd show it as a metamorphosis. Over the years, languages evolve. That is very evident. But at the rate of speed that the English language is deteriorating, I couldn't just treat it as a natural transition. To me it is a death of our language as we know it. I have a friend who teaches botany on the college level and she claims that it's all she can do to get it through to her students that terminology such as FYI or BTW is simply not acceptable in a term paper.  

On Facebook, I reached out to my friends to contribute their favorite words, and I used every single one of them in this piece as you can see from the images. However, not all of them are visible in the final piece; which is very illustrative of the point I'm trying to make. I also asked my friends to provide me with the modern day terminology which is plainly visible in the top layer of the collage.
And still more color with sparkly paint. What was going to be metamorphic rocks turned into a burial mound!

As I said, this piece is very unusual for me and I don't think it has any commercial value. It will probably stay in my studio forever. But, I welcome all comments good or bad on this as I think the subject is provocative.

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