Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Greeting Cards

I like to make original collage greeting cards for my own personal use. I don't offer them for sale because it's not profitable. Last year I was not good at getting cards out on time for birthdays, because I kept putting off making cards until the last minute. So this year I'm trying to get a leg up by making a supply of cards in advance. Here are four that I created today.

The card in the upper left hand corner with the pear on it is the result of an experiment. It is a joke among my close friends that whenever they see something I've made with a pear in it, they know that I'm experimenting. For some reason, I find pears to be a good subject matter when trying new things. This pear was created on kinwashi paper with oil pastels. Then I glued the kinwashi paper onto the green collaged papers and applied varnish to the whole thing. To my great surprise, I was able to use acrylic varnishes over oil pastels. That defies all logic but I'm not complaining. That opens a lot of new doors to me!

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