Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Stamps

"New Stamps" - 6x6 - Mixed Media Collage
I realize this title is a little confusing, but it relates to the background of this piece. With the encouragement of a fellow mixed media artist, whom I met via Facebook, I used scrap pieces of styrofoam to make my own stamps in free-form geometric shapes which I used to create the painted background for this collage. In the past I've tried making stamps from more traditional materials, such as linoleum block, only to be frustrated with the difficulty of carving into the materials. Carving styrofoam with an exacto knife; however, is super easy and so much fun! And this is the spongy kind of styrofoam so it washes up very easily after being used, too! 

Facebook has been such a great way for me to meet other artists and exchange ideas and to see their work and be inspired. As a special thanks to my new friend, Sharles, who has shared with me this stamp creating idea as well as many others, I'm including a link to his website and hope that you'll enjoy viewing his artwork as much as I do. Sharles Fine Art


Sally Dean said...

love this one! I am enjoying your posts so much Kristeena!
Grateful for my FB and blogger friends too.
no longer are we all alone creating our art.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sally! I enjoy your posts as well. Your paintings always cheer me up!