Thursday, February 14, 2013

Down By The Seashore

Of course, by now, you know how much I love the sea and I felt drawn to create (haha! "drawn" to create) more sea themed works and incorporating a little of what I've learned through the art of Zentangle. 

"Sea Stars" - 5x7 - Mixed Media Collage
I know you can spot the lines of Zentangle right away. It was a lot of fun creating this starfish that way. I also had a lot of fun working on the background. I took a canvas, wrapped it in an old dress pattern, melted and swirled crayons over that and then wrapped the whole thing in cheese cloth. Why, you may ask? Why not!

This is the canvas after it was prepped. The melted crayons are so much fun to use and they add a nice texture to the piece.

II also couldn't resist adding some sparkles of vintage glass glitter to my sea pieces. This is an item that I stumbled across in my favorite store, The Paris Market & Brocante.

This is the prepped canvas for the second piece in the series which I finished last week. Once again, old dress pattern, melted crayons and cheesecloth.
"Little Red Sea Star" - 5x7 - Mixed Media Collage

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