Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Savannah Series Continues

Last week I posted the first three collages of my new Savannah series and this week I'm happy to be able to post three more! 
"Pirate House Window" - 5x7 - mixed media collage
The Pirate House is one of the oldest standing buildings in Savannah and contains much history as well as many ghosts.

"Red Lion" - 6x6 - mixed  media collage
Once again, I've featured the proud beast who silently sits in front of the Cotton Exchange and watches everything that happens on Bay Street.

"Factor's Walk" - 6x6 - mixed media collage
This area was the center of commerce back in the day when cotton was king.


Sally Dean said...

Love these !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sally! Savannah is just full of inspiration. You should come down and paint some time!

Anonymous said...

Pirate house is my fav. Just love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Susan! Hopefully, one day soon, you'll make it down for a TAGG field trip!