Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is Nothing Sacred?

Apparently, anything blank is fair game for me when it comes to Tangy Zoodling. At work I found a forgotten box of plain, white Christmas tree ball-shaped ornaments in the back room and I just began tangling them. I've pictured three of them here. There's still one more just waiting to be defaced.
This, of course, is a blank ball. The glass is frosted so it's not quite opaque and light shines through it.
This is my first attempt. Stars and glitter.
This is my second attempt; Christmas trees and stars and, of course, glitter.
My third attempt is a poinsettia-like flower with cherries and, wait for this... glitter!


Cindy said...

Gorgeous! How long did it take you to decorate each one?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think just a few hours. I spread each on out over more than one day because I would do them between helping customers and other shop chores.